Rad Nails

Imagine seeing a woman, smartly dressed, styled hair. carefully applied makeup. Now imagine that woman with yellow, uneven, chipped nails with torn, ragged cuticles and dirt underneath her nails.It would look very strange!

I consider nails an important feature. Taking care to file and clean the nails takes little effort and time and in doing so you create a hygienic and tidy look that matches with other aspects of the outer appearance. In this blog, I will give you advise, tips and guidance on how to care for your nails, how to create a clean look with little effort and useful tools you may need to achieve an at-home manicure. This is a great way to achieve salon like nails for a snip of the price, all in the comfort of your own home. (Perhaps, on a lazy Sunday afternoon, whilst watching a movie.)

A good quality nail polish is also very important. A polish that chips within a day makes me a tad angry, especially when I have just laid out quite a lot of money for it. As I buy and try, I will swatch it, review it and post it on the blog. This way you can see how it performs, the colour on the nail and also know before you part with your money if it is worth the expense or not.

As for nail art. I adore learning new nail art, as well as creating new nail art designs. I enjoy the creativity it allows me. Anything is possible, it’s a lot like a tattoo, you think of a design you would like, sketch it out on paper, decide what colours you would like it to be, check the size of the design to the nail and then re-create it using nail polish instead of ink, by the end you have created something beautiful that you enjoy and others can see your personality through. (Unlike a tattoo, you can remove it and create a new piece of art on the canvas that is your nail as you wish.) With this blog, I will showcase designs and add an how-to guide on how to re-create the look.

Hopefully, through nail care tutorials, nail polish reviews and nail art how-to guides, you can find something that is useful to you – enjoy your nails long or short, let’s show the world some rad nails!


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